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On Friday Celebrate MOBO hits Glasgow’sBarras Art and Design Centre (BAaD). We will be there along with a list of other music fanatics and industry figures.

In the interim an exquisite mural has been created by underground graffiti artist, Rogue One and was officially unveiled.

The 16ft x 10ft painting was created by Rogue One aka Bobby McNamara, took 14 hours to paint and used over 32 cans of spray-paint. The mural was created ahead of the one day free industry event to highlight urban culture and music influence in Scotland on Friday 18th October ahead of the 18th annual MOBO Awardstaking place at The Hydro.

Inspiration for the mural came after Rogue One put a call out on Facebook asking for Scottish artists to send across pictures for inclusion. His Celebrate MOBO mural features MC Gasp who is also founder of the infamous Badmouth Battles.

On top of showcasing the best of the Scottish music community, Celebrate MOBO will also provide an opportunity to gain insight into the creative industries, with live gaming demos from Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 14, as well as interactive panel sessions with industry figureheads covering cutting edge topics within the music and digital industries.

Following the speaker sessions a live music and cultural showcase will begin at five pm including hip hop MC Gasp, MC and drummer duo Hector Bizerk, urban pop star Si Si Rae, and King Keytan who plays music through two Nintendo Gameboys described as ‘Spacerock’.

More information on Celebrate MOBO can be found online www.celebratemobo.co.uk The one day free event will take place at The Barras Art and Design Centre on Friday, 18th October from 10am – 11pm.  Spaces to attend the event are limited. If you are interested to attending, please sign up with your e-mail address by visiting www.celebratemobo.co.uk


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